Turtles, Tortoises, and People


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Turtle enthusiast and author Marvin Bennett, Jr. has had an exciting life as an artist, working for Disney World for 20 years as an illustrator and cartoonist. However, Bennett’s passion for most of his life has been his devotion to turtles and tortoises. He has championed their care in captivity and has worked tirelessly to make their lives in nature better. Sadly, as the world’s turtles disappear around the world, the work of Bennett and many other turtle enthusiasts around the world becomes more important for the future of these ancient reptiles. As a member and past president of the Turtle and Tortoise Club of Florida Inc. for the past twenty-one years, Bennett has been deeply inspired by chelonian species and their behavior. He has stockpiled an intimate knowledge pertaining to their husbandry, their lives in nature, their struggle for survival, and other information about their lives.

In TURTLES, TORTOISES, and PEOPLE, Marvin Bennett, Jr. shares with readers his passion, his knowledge, his beautiful watercolor paintings, and some of the fun and informative cartoons that he has created over his career.

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