LIZARD MAN: The Life and Adventures of Bert Langerwerf
by Bert Langerwerfand Russ Gurley

Bert Langerwerf, one of the most exciting and innovative reptile breeders in the history of this unique hobby passed away on August 11th, 2008. Bert was well-known for his great sense of humor and his desire to share his knowledge about keeping and breeding lizards and other reptiles. Bert was a true pioneer in reptile breeding, having bred more than 135 species of reptiles. His famed Agama International Inc., a 7-acre farm in Alabama, produced thousands of lizards each year.

LIZARD MAN chronicles the amazing life of Bert Langerwerf from his early days, chasing lizards through the sunlit grass of Waspik, The Netherlands, to his many ventures to South Africa, Morocco, Argentina, Panama, and anywhere reptiles dwell. He not only recounts these journeys in incredible detail but presents them to the reader in his fantastic photography.

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714 photos

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