by Amanda Ebenhack

ANNOUNCING an important new book for all turtle and tortoise keepers from LIVING ART publishing!

In addition to a wealth of information on anatomy, captive care, diet and nutrition, and indoor and outdoor enclosure design, this book is intended to help with the medical care of sick and injured turtles and tortoises. Also included is general first aid and supportive care for most afflictions that can befall turtles both in nature and in captivity. This exciting and informative book features the most current information on hydration, tube feeding, shell fractures, shell repair, wound care, shell conditions, bacterial and viral diseases, respiratory illness, parasites, and guidelines for checking the overall wellness of injured or recovering turtles and tortoises.

This book, over a year in the making, is a must have for every turtle and tortoise keeper.  When health issues or accidents happen, this book will be invaluable and will no doubt help save the lives of countless chelonians over the coming years.

6" x 9"
408 pages
Hundreds of color photos, charts, and diagrams

$40 in the United States

$65 outside the United States



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