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by Leann and Greg Christenson

Leann and Greg Christenson are proud to share their exciting work with geckos of the genus Phelsuma. The Christensons are known for their innovative approach to keeping these diurnal gems of the reptile world in creative, indoor enclosures. Their captive husbandry techniques and incredible breeding successes are presented for both Phelsuma enthusiasts and those simply wanting to learn more about these fascinating geckos.

In addition to the most current information on the captive care and breeding of day geckos, Day Geckos in Captivity features an Individual Species Account for all species of Phelsuma with a color photo of most species, including such rare geckos as Phelsuma borbonica mater, Phelsuma berghofi, Phelsuma masohoala, Phelsuma breviceps, and many more.

ISBN 0-9638130-2-1

240 pages 150+ color photos

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